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There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Dryden. You will find year round sports and entertainment for the whole family. Dryden is known for its diverse culture and outdoor adventures. Its beautiful parks, hiking trails and sandy beaches provide a wonderful opportunity for boating, swimming, windsurfing, and biking. Fishing and hunting are right on your doorstep with so many lakes that you can fish a different one everyday for a year. We also boast 3 golf courses with such affordable green fees that you can play every day. Enjoy the Pool & Fitness centre and learn to scuba dive. Or why not enjoy a night out at the Sunset Drive-In movie theatre.

In the colder months, our pine filled forests provide skiers, boarders, snowmobilers and outdoor adventurists with miles to discover. We have snowmobile trails that stretch west to the border with Manitoba and south to the border with the USA and beyond. Experience ice-fishing, snowshoeing, skating, pond-hockey or try your hand at kite skiing.If you want to stay in the warm then there is the Cinema 86 movie theatre and many restaurants and bars to enjoy a night out with friends, or to make new ones.There is something for everyone in Dryden.

Useful Links

Click here to view maps on a wide variety of local features, trails and downloadable formats.


Dryden boasts a wide variety of clubs and organizations.If there isn’t a formal club there may be an informal group of like minded people who share your interest. You can even start a group of your own. It’s straightforward and we are always interested in new things to learn and do.

Here are some links to learn more about our many local clubs and organizations.

Here is a listing of local churches and places of worship

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