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Andrea James

I moved to Dryden in 2007, after accepting a transfer. I moved from a small town in New Brunswick, and felt very much at home once I got here.

Moving here was great for me, I was looking for a change and I found it. Northwestern Ontario is a unique place, so full of culture and community.

I enjoy the many things that the Dryden area has to offer, fishing almost year round, the beautiful beaches and lakes in the summer, and the great walking trails that are in the city. The People of Dryden and the Deer are both friendly.

Robin & Kim Earl

Robin and Kim recently moved to Dryden from the UK. 

We decided to move to Canada 4 years previous to our actual move.   Robin was offered a position with 3 choices of where we were to go.  Winnipeg, Regina and Dryden.  Neither of us are big city people (although we lived in the Greater London area over 20 years) and after reading up on our 3 options, Dryden was the outright winner for us.  The location, the community and a great place to start a family were all factors in our decision to move here.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision.  The people have been welcoming and friendly.  It’s a small city with a close community.  Everyone still looks out for everyone else and the chance to experience all the wonderful things Northwestern Ontario has to offer and all right on our doorstep, we still can’t believe how lucky we are to be here.

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