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Kenora We invite you to make this your new home


Our experience in Kenora has been wonderful. Mo (Mohammad) had received an offer to work at the Wal-Mart here and was excited since he had heard great things about Kenora. 

I had just finished my Business Admin at Red River College and was also looking for a job related to my field. I was lucky since I also got a job in Kenora, with Meyers Norris Penny. 

We moved to Kenora in July and have loved every second of it. Kenora not only has beautiful landscape but great people. We noticed that Kenora residents were very warm and welcoming to us. We have made great friends from work, and local residents. Attractions like The Farmer's Market, M.S.Kenora, and local activities have kept us busy. 

As winter is approaching, Kenora is started to look like a Winter Wonderland. Beautiful, crisp air in the morning is what excites us. We hope that others can cherish the beauty of Kenora, just like us! 

Manpreet Jassal

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