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Thunder Bay We invite you to make this your new home

City of Thunder Bay

Welcome to Thunder Bay, Ontario

Superior by Nature

Enjoy the best of all worlds.

Although it only has a proportion of approximately 2% of French-speakers,Thunder Bay still has the biggest francophone population in the region, with nearly 3000 persons.

A true Mecca for French speakers in the Northwestern region, many Francophone organizations can be found here, including the region’s political association AFNOO, whose purpose is to defend the Francophones’ rights and grow the Francophone community. Lately,there have been more and more local organizations and businesses with at least one employee who is able to provide services in French, and therefore it increases the active offer of French services to the local population.

Another important aspect is the brand new Centre francophone, a cooperative of seven organizations, en route to become the gathering place for all French speakers in NWO. In addition to the two Francophone schools in the city, the Centre Francophone will offer even more activities in French available to the general population so that people can practice outside of the classroom.

Thunder Bay also boasts the biggest gathering of French speakers in the entire region, called the Franco-Festival. This festival takes place every two years and brings together people from all over the region over the course of a weekend of music, culture and family-oriented activities.

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