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Thunder Bay We invite you to make this your new home

Doing Business

Thunder Bay is a great place to do business and the City of Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission is committed to ensuring that Thunder Bay remains one of Ontario’s leading business, investment and knowledge destinations.

Thunder Bay has a diverse business economy with strengths in forestry, transportation, health care and education services. The city is also significantly represented in manufacturing, mining, and government services. Newer industries as varied as biotechnology, film and green energy are also prospering.

The City of Thunder Bay works closely with a number of key local partners in driving forward the city’s ambitious economic development agenda, including:

These strategic partners work together with the aim of creating the conditions that allow enterprise to flourish.

Business Support

In these challenging economic times, Thunder Bay remains an attractive location to build, grow or relocate a business in North America. A stable political environment, resilient economy and high quality lifestyle make Thunder Bay the ideal choice for long-term business success.

The City of Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission and its partners actively encourage business growth by working with companies at all stages of their development. Information is provided to help entrepreneurs and businesses prepare feasibility studies and business plans. Other strategic advice is also available that may be essential to supporting and enhancing business success.  Business support programs offered in Thunder Bay include:

  • Business development, retention and expansion - Advice and facilitation for individuals and businesses seeking to invest and create jobs in Thunder Bay.
  • Industry innovation support - Helping innovative businesses find new markets and build industry strength through collaboration.
  • Opportunity Promotion - Quick response and support for new opportunities that present economic development for Thunder Bay
  • Support for small business – Advice and mentoring to help businesses at all stages of the business cycle to grow, expand and find markets. The Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre provides business counselling and education programs for new small businesses.
  • Export facilitation - Advice and support to help businesses develop North American and international markets, and achieve export success.
  • Data Support - Collection and assessment of key business data and community information to support decision-making processes.

Whether you are planning to set up a new business or looking at options for relocation, the opportunities and support you can expect in Thunder Bay are second to none.

To find out more about doing business in Thunder Bay, contact the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC)

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