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Thunder Bay We invite you to make this your new home


More than 100,000 residents enjoy the superior nature and excellent quality of life found only in the City of Thunder Bay. This is one of the most affordable places to live in the world and was internationally ranked the Most Affordable Place to Buy a Home* in 2009.

Thunder Bay sits on one of the world's most stunning waterfronts, fringed by Lake Superior and overlooking the famous Sleeping Giant. Lake Superior follows the entire length of the city from north to south. Waterfront suburbs, busy downtown areas and clean city parks all touch its shorelines.

As the largest and most inhabited community in Northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay also has an increasingly upbeat and cosmopolitan feel. Shopping, restaurants, theatres, a university, a college, a public library network, a new hospital and office buildings, are all within safe walking distance of most residential neighbourhoods.

Thunder Bay is a community in the truest sense of the word. It is a place where diverse people from different ethnic backgrounds and with multicultural interests live peacefully together. All of these cultures create a unique way of life that blends varied histories, languages, music, arts and celebrations – not to mention cuisine – just waiting for you to live.

For families and for the elderly, Thunder Bay offers a secure living environment. Excellent municipal services, safe neighbourhoods, exceptional health care and educational facilities, together with lower than average housing prices, create the opportunity for a rich way of life.

Learn more about living in the City of Thunder Bay - one of the best-run cities in Canada.


The City of Thunder Bay was formed in 1970 as an amalgamation of two towns; Port Arthur and Fort William. Today, the city is divided into two main downtown centres known as the Heart of the Harbour in the north and Downtown Fort William in the south. A series of vibrant and multicultural neighbourhoods can be found within both the north and south areas of the city.

The north area of Thunder Bay is where you’ll find downtown Heart of the Harbour, so-named because of its proximity to Prince Arthur’s Landing - the city’s major waterfront park and marina. From here, the view of the Sleeping Giant stretches across the horizon and is second to none. This rugged peninsula is steeped in Ojibway legend and was voted No. 1 of Seven Wonders of Canada by audiences of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Nearby the Heart of the Harbour area is Bay and Algoma; Thunder Bay’s original ‘Finnish Quarter’ with its authentic shops and restaurants. This is the home of the renowned Hoito restaurant which attracts both locals and tourists for its famous pancakes.

The north of Thunder Bay is also home to large parks, suburban neighbourhoods with grand mansions and semi-rural areas. A large Italian population resides in the many neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay north which include:  Mariday Park, River Terrace and Current River.

Intercity and Central are the areas where the north and south areas of Thunder Bay meet. This is where you’ll find major shopping centres, restaurants and important financial and business institutions. The boundaries of Intercity and Central are continually expanding to include new commercial property, residential developments, public health and educational institutions.

Thunder Bay’s south side became fashionable in the early 19th century as a working class district due to the industry located there. The centre of Thunder Bay south is Downtown Fort William which has experienced a major revitalization in recent years. The area now serves as a hub for a variety of public service agencies including Thunder Bay’s new City Hall and the new Provincial Court House. This is one of the city’s most historic and busy areas, where students, artists, seniors, entrepreneurs and public service workers all live and work peacefully side by side.

Some of the oldest settlements of Thunder Bay are also located within the neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay South. Simpson-Ogden, the East End and Westfort are some of the more well-known neighbourhoods with roots in the industrial past. Here you will find close-knit communities of Eastern European ancestry from countries such as Poland, Croatia and the Ukraine. The Westfort area also borders the neighbouring Fort William First Nation. In these neighbourhoods, you will also generally find older homes at more affordable prices.

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Thunder Bay was voted "Most Affordable Place to Buy a Home” by the 5th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey in 2009. With the average 3-bedroom home priced at $107,800, affordable house prices and a beautiful setting help to keep demand for real estate high and return on investment healthy.

As well as the traditional family homes, Thunder Bay offers a range of more unusual options including waterfront residences, rural cottages, retirement condos and executive apartments. The Thunder Bay Real Estate News is a weekly publication and is the best resource for local real estate and broker listings.

Find out more about setting up a home in Northwestern Ontario.

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Health Care

All residents of Thunder Bay have excellent access to modern health care and treatment services in culturally sensitive environments including: acute care, mental health, rehabilitative care, long-term care and therapeutic care.

New state-of-the-art facilities such as the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, St.Joseph's Care Group and the Northern Cancer Research Foundation are complemented locally by existing public health and community care services.

Walk-in Medical Clinics are widely available in Thunder Bay to provide immediate medical services to those who cannot wait for a scheduled appointment with their family doctor or those who do not have a family doctor. The Lakehead Social Planning Council website has an updated list of Walk-in Clinics and hours of operation,

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