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Hornepayne We invite you to make this your new home


Intisar Mohamed

I came to Hornepayne from Sudan  in July 1999 to join my husband who had purchased the local Pharmacy.  I brought with me, my 6 month old daughter.  I didn’t plan to stay that long but I like Hornepayne very much because it is nice, a safe place to live and raise kids.

Hornepayne is a small community with different activities and services.  People are friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Now we have four children.  They are very happy, enjoying their friends, school, skating, swimming and other activities.

Meena Gurung and Family

1. Why did we choose to live in Hornepayne?
We choose to live in this town for various reasons. The first reason was my forestry profession. I got a job offer in Jackfish River Management Ltd., I accepted it as I liked my working environment and team members. Secondly, there is an easy access to bigger cities like Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver by VIA rail-Canada and also connected to small cities by highways. Thirdly, this town provides all the basic services and infrastructures e.g. hospital, food stores, schools, banks, post office, drugstore, swimming pool, sauna, arena, hotel, restaurants etc. Moreover, the town is surrounded by pure natural environment: forest, freshwater lakes and river and beautiful boreal forest landscape, all these have made a safe and healthy place to live in Hornepayne.

2. What we like about this community?
There are several things we like in this town. The most important is the social and cultural harmony among different communities. People are positive, friendly and helpful. Celebrating festivals, sharing food and talking openly all these give us a feeling of warm and welcomed despite of the cold weather. We found the town is safe to raise our children as everybody takes care of each other. Direct experience of natural environment is another attraction that gives us a lot of fun in here: walking and driving in the bush, viewing animals (bears, lynx and moose) picking berries, canoeing in the lakes, country ski in the winter.

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