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Neebing We invite you to make this your new home

Doing Business

Some of the business opportunities entrepreneurs have created in Neebing are: bed & breakfasts; resort facilities; cottage rentals; a trout pond, cabins and R.V. park; a pottery studio and sales shop; home based automotive garages serviced by licensed mechanics; a photo gallery, a paintball field; a taxidermy shop; a ‘cheese factory’, and pallet plant.

If you are looking for a place to open/operate a business, our friendly and knowledgeable municipal staff will assist you with the planning and the paperwork necessary to get you started. There are numerous viable dairy and beef farms in the Municipality; we are home to three (3) veterinarians and have, in our midst, the world famous Thunder Oak Cheese Farms in our midst. Our well-known taxidermist is one of the best in the Thunder Bay area. We are host to an oven-fired pizza operation and a Tai food caterer, and the newest member on our list of entrepreneurs is a paintball playing field.

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