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Neebing We invite you to make this your new home


Margaret Schep

Jacob and I moved to Thunder Bay twenty-eight years ago from the Netherlands. We started dairy farming in the beautiful Slate River Valley. Fourteen years ago, the family opened our Thunder Oak Cheese business on our property. Our cheeses are known all over the country and have won many awards.

We love living in Neebing because nature is in our backyard, with Oliver Lake for swimming in summer, High Falls for hiking in the fall and Cloud Lake for fishing whenever we wish. We could go on and on, but the countryside is so wonderful here.

Judy and Rick Osipenko

We joined the Neebing family in 1995, with the purchase of a beautiful vacant 62 acre lot on Highway 61.  A hike up the ridge netted us a sweet view of Lake Superior, Pine Bay and Isle Royale.  Who could not fall in love with this area?  The drive from the Pidgeon River Border to Thunder Bay is so scenic.  We are in awe every time we pass the farm lands in the Slate River Valley.  No matter what season of growth, the rolling fields are always in such perfect symmetry.  It just makes you want to get into farming (if we didn’t like fishing so much!).

In developing the original fishing ponds and gift store, we relied heavily on the expertise provided by the Neebing municipal office.  They were instrumental in directing us to the proper steps and procedures to follow, as well as contacts necessary at the provincial levels.  We were able to draw upon local Neebing enterprises for our site clearing, landscaping and construction.

A big “THANK-YOU” goes out to the community as a whole for being very supportive.  In our first summer, the Neebing volunteer fire department held their summer picnic at the trout pond.  This gave us great exposure our first year, and helped spread the word about us in the municipality.

Donn and Donna Larson, Duluth, Minn.

LarsonOur perspective is as part-time residents, citizens of the neighbouring U.S. state of Minnesota, who discovered Neebing in 1969, bought a modest cottage on Lake Superior, and have relished our community’s hospitality and natural appeal ever since. Our children spent all of their formative summers here, plus many holidays in all seasons. Besides the friendliness and unspoiled natural beauty, we appreciate the efficiency and good services of our local government, reasonable taxes, good roads and citizens’ involvement and ability to influence public policy. Neebing has welcomed us warmly—no equivocation—for us this is a magical rural place with both a good conservation ethic and progressive spirit.

Bev Dale

Bev DaleWe chose to live in Neebing because we discovered a lifestyle we didn't want to leave behind. I've lived in eight Ontario towns and cities since leaving Montreal,my home since birth, with my young family; my husband has lived in thirteen. We purchased our modest cottage (known as "camps" up here) on an ancient stony beach in 1993. Watching the sun rise over the mouth of our bay and beyond, over the magnificent waters of the largest lake in the world, we knew we had found home. We love the peacefulness, the privacy living on the edge of the boreal forest, the bounty of wildlife, the starry nights and the magic of the Northern Lights, the clean air, the crisp cold sunny winter days and the long summer days with cool nights.All the amenities of the city are a relaxing half hour drive away. As well, we have become an active part of the community. That's why we've chosen to call Neebing home and we are here to stay.

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