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Red Lake We invite you to make this your new home

Municipality of Red Lake

Welcome to Red Lake, Ontario

The Gold Capital of Canada

The cultural patchwork of this community includes a French-speaking population of nearly 8%. In this municipality, the Francophones are creating a formidable buzz lately. This is in great part due to the newly formed Francophone Association of Red Lake, promoting the culture, the language and the organization of French-language activities.

This energy boost helps to identify and encourage French speakers scattered in different businesses and organizations throughout the community to declare that they offer services in French, which represents the starting point to the active and growing range of French services being offered as well as presenting the opportunity to use French outside of the home or the school. Red Lake also has a French Elementary school with approximately 30 students.

The year 2016 was a good year for the local French-speaking community because the Municipality accepted their request to raise the Franco-Ontarian flag on 25 September, Ontario’s official Franco-Ontarian Day, and the Francophone Association of Red Lake became a member of the Association francophone du Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario based in Thunder Bay. These two events forecast a bright future for the French language in Red Lake.

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