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Shuniah We invite you to make this your new home

Municipality of Shuniah

A Superior Living Experience

The Municipality of Shuniah lies along the pristine shores of Lake Superior, just east of the City of Thunder Bay. Shuniah is a vast expanse of undisturbed Canadian wilderness, rivers and lakes abound, making Shuniah an iconic Canadian Municipality.  In this quiet and peaceful community our residents enjoy a variety of organized recreation programs for children, adults and seniors, as well as…

  • Parks to camp, play and swim
  • Golf 
  • Tennis
  • Down hill and cross country skiing
  • Local schooling
  • Restaurants
  • Craft and gift shops
  • Variety stores
  • Bed and breakfast lodging
  • Motels and parks
  • Boat launches
Lake Superior provides our residents an amenity like no other. Besides it grandeur and breathtaking views, it is a mecca for kayaking, canoeing, sail boating, fishing and water skiing. Our inland lakes and rivers exemplify the rugged Northwestern Ontario landscape and provide a base for many different recreational activities; hunting, fishing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, skiing and hiking.


Shuniah means “silver” in Ojibwa. This precious ore was extensively mined over 100 years ago in Shuniah. Much of the terrain is a result of the glaciers that covered this region 15 million years ago. The deposit that the glacier left is known as the Mackenzie Moraine, an area rich with aggregate deposits. Amethyst is a semi-precious stone found throughout Shuniah and is commercially mined and utilized in many of the jewellery, craft and local gifts shops.

The Municipality of Shuniah provides both a social forum and fitness prospects for its residents that promote and encourage well being as well as strong neighbourhood ties. This vibrant sense of community and beautiful environment promote a full and healthy lifestyle. Shuniah continues to be rich in both heritage and culture: a real Northwestern Ontario gem.

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