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Sioux Lookout We invite you to make this your new home

Municipality of Sioux Lookout


 Sioux Lookout, Ontario, the “Hub of the North”

Sioux Lookout is a modern community providing essential services to Municipal residents and as the “Hub of the North” to surrounding communities. During recent years of turbulent global economic conditions Sioux Lookout has experienced relative economic stability and continued growth. This stability comes largely from our position as a service hub for northern communities, but also from a diverse economy that includes: forestry, railroad, tourism, professional sectors, air transportation, retail, bulk fuel supply and delivery, construction and material supply, hotels, restaurants, government services, health care, social services, and First Nation’s agencies.

Sioux Lookout has a unique and privileged position as a service hub for twenty-nine First Nations and the 30,000 people who live in those communities. The Meno Ya Win Health Centre, our largest employer (425 people), provides service to the northern communities and the Municipality. Current initiatives related to health care, transportation, and education are only made possible due to our vital relationship with the northern First Nations and surrounding communities we serve. The Municipal Airport with over 120,000 passenger movements per year continues to grow. Through our Friendship Accord with area First Nations we recognize the importance of their role and are committed to strengthening our relationships with First Nations governments and people in and around the Sioux Lookout area.

Sioux Lookout Council has worked collaboratively to develop a Strategic Plan for the 2014 to 2018 term of Council. We have recognized our shared beliefs and established that our core values as: respect, collaboration, trustworthiness, and accountability. These values will be central in our decision making and actions. Our Mission Statement aligns with our core values and acknowledges what our primary purpose is, who we serve, and how we serve: To provide municipal services to our citizens and to become a more prosperous, attractive, inclusive, and sustainable community. Council intends to initiate and support more cross-cultural community initiatives and increase community engagement and pride through activities, dialogue, and celebrations. Building on our core values and mission, we have developed our Vision Statement for 2018: Through innovative leadership we engage our diverse population to create a caring, prosperous place to live, invest, and be a desirable destination for regional services and tourism.

Mayor Doug Lawrance
Municipality of Sioux Lookout

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