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Sioux Lookout We invite you to make this your new home


Sioux Lookout is a dynamic, multicultural and full-service community which is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful pine-bordered lakes, providing an enviable lifestyle. Living in Sioux Lookout is a recipe for health, happiness, and overall personal and professional satisfaction. As a service hub for nearly 30,000 people and a year-round tourist and outdoor recreation destination, the community provides an enviable lifestyle for visitors and residents alike.

Sioux Lookout has a rich history (including the Legend of Sioux Lookout), a vibrant business community, a wealth of community service organizations, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that embraces new-comers from within the region, across Canada and around the world!

Sioux Lookout is home to the annual Blueberry Festival, the new Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre – a state-of-the-art health care facility – and many First Nations organizations. Sioux Lookout boasts many amenities, businesses and services which help to enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors alike, including a municipally-operated airport that serves the region.

Interested parties are encouraged to review Sioux Lookout’s Community Profile for a better sense of the community and all it has to offer. You are also welcome to take a look at the Municipality’s “Points of Interest” map to appreciate some of the many amenities within the community.

Health Care

The Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre – a state-of-the-art health care facility – provides first class health and social services to the community. The Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority also plays a vital role in health services in Sioux Lookout.

Other health care resources include:


If you’re looking for a home, please visit our local Realtors:

Places of Worship

  • Ashawaabic Ministries - (807) 737-2989
  • Believers Fellowship - (807) 737-2213
  • Calvary Baptist Church  - (807) 737-3293
  • Hudson Believers' Fellowship - (807) 582-3252
  • Sacred Heart Church - (807) 737-3760
  • Saint Andrew's United Church - (807) 737-3131
  • St. Mary’s Anglican Church – (807) 737-2790

Service Clubs

Sioux Lookout is home to a wide variety of service clubs and organizations. Among them are the Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee, the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout, the Lions Club,  the Royal Canadian Legion, and the Knights of Columbus. These are only a few of the service organizations providing important community-based services to residents.

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