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Sioux Lookout We invite you to make this your new home


 “As a newcomer to Sioux Lookout, I was amazed at the meticulous parks, lakes and the breathtaking scenery. Whether I am enjoying time outside with friends, taking in the latest art exhibit or walking my dog along Umfreville Trail, I am always in awe of the vibrant culture surrounding me.”

– Community Engagement participant


Constance Sithole

Looking to advance his career, Constance Sithole’s husband Isaac, was pleasantly surprised when he attended a job fair and saw a recruitment ad for Northwestern Ontario.

After living in the area of Toronto for two years, the Sithole family was looking to relocate and broaden their horizons. The recruitment ad brought the couple and their three children to the town of Sioux Lookout. The family arrived to the municipality in February of 2005, to very balmy conditions. The average temperate was approximately minus thirty degrees Celsius. Constance Sithole admits, the weather was the toughest change to adapt to, but the small community made up for it providing a safe dwelling for her children, where neighbour’s looked after each other. Teachers were also very kind to the Sithole family, making the kids feel welcome at school. Constance recommends the Municipality of Sioux Lookout, calling it a town full of opportunity. Over the years Constance has been able to upgrade her education, and is now working at a bank where she supervises employees. Isaac is a nurse by trade.

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