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Wawa We invite you to make this your new home

Doing Business

Wawa is strategically located in the centre of Northern Ontario‘s major forestry and mining industries. The town is on the Trans-Canada Highway and products can be easily transported by truck, rail, air or low-cost shipping through Wawa’s natural deep-sea port on Lake Superior.  

There are a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs to locate their business interests in Wawa and benefit from emerging prospects in resource based industries.

As opportunities continue to grow and expand in various industry sectors, Wawa is working to match the emerging needs of businesses.  Newly developed and serviced lots with very negotiable pricing financing terms available are available in Wawa’s Industrial Park and a variety of vacant land can be found for sale or lease throughout the town. Compared to Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, Wawa has lower industrial tax rates and no development charges. Wawa’s wage rates are also lower than larger centers such as Sudbury and Toronto.  View more about Wawa Business Opportunities and advantages at or call 705.856.4419.

Business Funding Available!

There are a variety of funding programs for entrepreneurs and businesses who choose to locate in Wawa. This includes the new NOHFC Entrepreneurs Program which will provide up to $125,000 or 50% of new business start-up costs. Other funding available only to Northern Ontario Businesses includes:

The Economic Development Corporation of Wawa and Invest Ontario can also help you prepare for doing business in Northern Ontario by providing information, referrals and introductions to other organizations and individuals who can assist you in establishing your business.

Researching Your Business Interest

Even before immigrating to Canada, prospective business immigrants can research sectors of the Canadian economy via the internet. A good place to start is Industry Canada which provides comprehensive information about most sectors of the economy including company directories, statistics and analysis, events, human resources, and contacts for further details.

Persons interested in farming or agricultural-related business in Ontario will find the investment services website of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food helpful. Many parts of Ontario see tourism related investment as an important part of their economic development strategy.

The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry website will be of interest to business immigrants interested in settling and establishing in business in Northern Ontario, or in finding out more information about Ontario's large mining and mineral industry.

The Canada Business Network provides business owners and entrepreneurs with access to reliable, up-to-date and relevant information to help them start and grow their business. CBN integrates resources from all three levels of government and not-for-profit groups. It provides fast and easy access to information and services.

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