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Doing Business

Nipigon is one of Northwestern Ontario’s busiest centres outside of Thunder Bay for business services and health and social agencies. With two elementary schools, a hospital, and several other government departments, the public sector is a major employer in Nipigon.

At the same time, Nipigon remains one of Northwestern Ontario’s principal centres for natural resource based industries with particular strengths in four-season tourism, environmental technology, forestry and fishing. With such rich natural resources, Nipigon offers an ideal base for environmental research, innovation and sustainable economic development opportunities.

Opportunities for small businesses that are compatible with the local lifestyle and environment are also endless in Nipigon. This is a community where everyone is your neighbour and community support is in abundance for new local entrepreneurs. A recent entrepreneurial business success was the trade marking of the Nipigon Nylons name and associated product sales.  View the complete Nipigon Business Directory online.

Looking to the future, the main business priorities for Nipigon are:

  • Attract new ventures
  • Initiate tourism opportunities
  • Revitalize the downtown core
  • Support existing and new entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Promote Nipigon worldwide.

The Township of Nipigon Economic Development Office and the Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation work to promote key sectors of the local economy and provide essential support to businesses and employers in the area. Click here for more information about Nipigon and its emerging business opportunities:

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