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Terrace Bay We invite you to make this your new home

Township of Terrace Bay

Welcome to the Township of Terrace Bay

Lake Superior's Playground

Besides healthcare, Terrace Bay is also a great place on a cultural level. Despite a lower percentage of Francophones (10%) than its neighbours Marathon and Manitouwadge, the Township of Terrace Bay can count on the presence of a French-speaking social club organizing many activities almost everywhere in the Lake Superior region. The club’s history traces back to when the pulp and paper mill first opened. Back then, many French speakers migrated to Terrace Bay for the employment opportunities, explaining why today we can still hear people speaking the language of Molière in the township.

The effervescent activity in this community is showing tangible results so far. For example, starting in 2016, the Franco-Ontarian flag will be permanently flown in this small community. The Township thus recognizes the contribution of Francophones to the development of the community, and despite an exodus of French speakers after the mill closed, the Township is witnessing the strong will of the Francophones to remain an important part of the fabric of Terrace Bay

The Franco-Terrace Catholic Elementary School also plays an important role in the community and enables many families to pass on their mother tongue to their children. Outside school, the Francophone Club carries the torch to ensure that the French language is not confined to within the school’s walls, but is lively in recreation and social activities. Terrace Bay hosts Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) which offers its services in French throughout the Lake Superior region. It is a well-welcomed resource for French-speaking entrepreneurs, among others.

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