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Marathon We invite you to make this your new home

Town of Marathon

Welcome to the Town of Marathon

A great place to build a new life, career or business

Marathon is a bilingual community, designated as such under the French Services Act of Ontario and the city is also home to the Lake Superior region’s French High School Cité-Supérieur, making it a pole of attraction for young students wishing to pursue their secondary education in French.

Its population comprises approximately 15% of French-speakers. The Francophone community of Marathon is very much involved with and maintains strong ties to that of Terrace Bay. A Francophone organization is particularly active in that part of NWO and is putting together many activities enabling French speakers to live their culture and preserve their language.

On top of a French High School, Marathon is also host to a French Elementary School. French education is a big part of Marathon, and this is why this city holds two places on the region’s French Catholic School Board.

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