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Pickle Lake

Town of Pickle Lake

Welcome to Pickle Lake, Ontario. Ontario’s Last Frontier

Pickle Lake is Ontario’s last frontier... an ancient, inspirational land of enormous environmental diversity, with vast forests, remote waterways, rare wildlife and fascinating indigenous history.

Pickle Lake is the most northerly community in Ontario that is accessible year-round by road. Covering this region are thousands of lakes and rivers, full of Walleye, Northern Pike, Trout and other species of fish. The forests are home to the majestic moose and this huge wilderness is only three hundred miles from the coast of Hudson Bay, Ontario’s subartic.

Aside from moose, the region also offers viewing opportunities for woodland caribou, the elusive timber wolf, black bear, game birds, bald eagles, gulls, ravens, the ever-present song birds and migratory birds such as ducks, geese, and cranes.

The Township of Pickle Lake has approximately 450 local residents and is located at the northern point of Highway 599. To reach Pickle Lake, you enjoy a scenic three-hour drive north from the Trans-Canada Highway at Ignace, Ontario along the all season paved highway 599. Wasaya Airlines has scheduled air service Monday to Friday into Pickle Lake from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The pavement may run out at Pickle Lake, but a well maintained gravel road (The North Road) stretches 250 kilometers further to the north and west of Pickle Lake to Windigo Lake. Winter freeze-up allows for the construction of roads made from ice and hard-packed snow, known simply as the “winter roads”. These roads provide access to and from more than fifteen otherwise isolated First Nations communities north of Pickle Lake.

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