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Pickle Lake


Can you imagine what it must be like to leave all you have known in the Philippines and immigrate to a strange land?  In my mid-twenties I did just that.

After a brief stint in Hong Kong, Calgary, Timmins and I finally ended up here in Pickle Lake during the mining boom.

The first people I met here were the Township employees Mrs. Janet Makkibin-Hickey, wife of retired Senior OPP Constable, Bev Hickey; and the the Koval’s; Catholic, Mennonite and Baptist Church.

Living here, there are always small jobs to make a living. I find the people in our community very friendly, helping each other when someone needs help.  If you are walking downtown Pickle Lake swatting away the black flies, cars passing on the road wave their hand too as if you know them, but in truth you are just swatting away our famous black flies from your face.  Our native people if you are nice to them they are nice to you too.

I enjoy bowling, skating, fishing without a boat to our popular fishing spot at the hydro dam and all the community activities, fresh air, clean lakes and no pollution.

I was employed by the OPP full-time and Wasaya Air part-time until my retirement. Three more years to go, my husband is planning to settle and enjoy life.

2008 September 22, Civilian of the Year – Ms. Celia Deang
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