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Rainy River We invite you to make this your new home

Town of Rainy River

Welcome to Rainy River

A great place to visit... a better place to live...

Rainy River is an attractive and well-organized community located on Lake of the Woods, directly north of the Minnesota, United States border.  It is a hidden natural treasure in Northwestern Ontario with great potential for those who want to open a business, buy a new family home or simply those who want to kick back in one of Canada’s best fishing spots.

Rainy River offers a relaxing pace of life that is characterized by the many recreational activities available to its friendly residents.  In this welcoming and active community, there is always something to do, whatever your age, interest or budget.  As a result, Rainy River attracts young families seeking a safe and clean place to raise their children as well as retirees who want to unwind among nature but need close access to important amenities.

A warm welcome awaits you in this rural town. It is a safe and nurturing community that is reminiscent of days gone by. New residents are greeted by a Welcome Committee bringing community information and invitations to join local clubs and community groups. This is where newcomers can meet other members of the community and get involved in a lifestyle of their choice.

Spend some time in Rainy River and you will soon appreciate the community lifestyle and beautiful nature that is waiting to be discovered.

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