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Rainy River We invite you to make this your new home

Doing Business

Rainy River’s strategic location near the international U.S border and proximity to the large urban markets of Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, make it a smart investment location for any business.   

Distances to major markets:
Thunder Bay, Canada - 430 km, 269 Miles
Winnipeg, Canada - 273 km, 171 Miles
Duluth, United States - 320 km, 200 Miles
Minneapolis, United States -566 km - 354 Miles

We’ve got it all - location, a pro-business approach, complementary businesses and services, available land, technology, a growing workforce, and more. Rainy River is also an attractive, safe, and friendly community in which to do business.   Our quality of life is improved through the use of the area’s unique natural resources for business purposes.

With good availability of commercial and industrial property, great transportation links and a wealth of support services available through the town’s economic development office, Rainy River is open to entrepreneurs and new businesses development.

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