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Rainy River We invite you to make this your new home


Rainy River is ideally located close to both the United States and Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario. The population is 1,000 and still growing, with an increasing number of younger families and retirees moving into the area every year.

Rainy River is a popular choice among families and retirees because it is has the characteristics of a vibrant rural town. It has safe and nurturing neighbourhoods where a sense of pride and community spirit prevails and where co-operation amongst residents, cultural groups, community organizations, and council naturally fosters a small town feeling. 

Services and amenities include:

  • Bank Institutions – Local branches of the Northern Lights Credit Union & CIBC Bank provide full banking services to Rainy River residents.
  • Telecommunications – TBayTel and Bell provide telecommunications services, offering the municipality both cellular service and high-speed internet access.
  • Post Office – A full-service post office serves the municipality from downtown Rainy River. 
  • Policing - An OPP facility within the municipality provides patrol and emergency policing services.
  • Health – The Riverside Health Care Hospital provides basic healthcare and 24-hour emergency medical services. A medical clinic houses general practitioners and other family health and wellness services.
  • Emergency Services - An ambulance base provides emergency first-response medical services. A full Fire Department with volunteer firefighters serves the community.
  • Child Care - Services are provided by Learn, Laugh and Play. It is an excellent facility in Rainy River for preschool children that allows them to develop essential life skills.
  • Service Ontario – Residents have direct access to a Service Ontario office in downtown Rainy River and can access documents and information for all provincial programs.
  • Curling Club – Rainy River has a very active curling community. The weekly men’s and women’s league stays strong, a junior program keeps children active and many bonspiels keep residents busy in the colder months.
  • Recreation Centre - The local Recreation Centre offers both organized sports and a full fitness centre for residents living in the area.
  • Public Library – A full public library is offered to residents and can be found in the Service Ontario building.
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