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Township of Armstrong We invite you to make this your new home


About 300 people live in Armstrong with another 400 people living in the neighbouring First Nation of Whitesand. It is a peaceful place where land is very affordable, taxes are low and local infrastructure is modern. The town is run by a group of volunteers organized into a Local Services Board.

There are more amenities and services in Armstrong than you might expect from a community of this size.  You can find shopping, places to eat, tourism operators, churches, health and social services, recreation facilities, a school, a virtual library and annual events. In addition, local utilities including water, telecommunications and hydro-electricity are up to date and well maintained.

Armstrong is a popular stopover for tourists and workers who are headed into the remote north by air.  It is a significant hospitality and service centre for many remote outposts and First Nations; increasing the demand for high quality amenities.

Major community facilities and services include:


Health Services:

  • 24 hour paramedics service
  • Emergency land, air or helicopter services to take acute care patients to Thunder Bay
  • Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
  • Mobile Breast Screening Unit
  • Norwest Community Health Centre (Nurse Practitioner 5 Days a Week)

Police & Fire Services:

  • 24 hours Ontario Provincial Police
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Fighters
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