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Township of Armstrong We invite you to make this your new home


Employment opportunities in Armstrong can be found in the natural resource industries as well as public service sectors. There are also casual and temporary jobs in seasonal industries. This is definitely a community where work-life balance is valued and a variety of family friendly working environments are available.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is a seasonal employer that hires individuals on an annual basis to work in Provincial Parks as well as to help manage forest fires and other forestry and water conservation programs. Hunting and fishing camps also provide a source of summer employment.

Public sector employment is provided through government jobs at the provincial and local level as well as in education and health care fields.

When it comes to private sector employment, there is a Canadian National Rail (CNR) bunkhouse in Armstrong and an increasing number of jobs opening in mining and energy sectors. As mining operations continue to expand and other transmission and hydro electric projects develop, there will be many more employment opportunities available in Armstrong both directly and through spin-off businesses.

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