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Conmee We invite you to make this your new home

Doing Business

The Conmee Council is open to proposals for new business in the township. Conmee has large tracts of privately owned land that would be suitable for light industry. With the new Green Energy Act and the close proximity of the Kaministiquia River, there is the possibility of energy generation for industrial use. Solar and wind power generation are also a possibility.

The TransCanada Highway, the rail system, the Port of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay airport all provide transportation systems critical to business success. Highway 11/17 traverses the length of the Township and provides quick and easy access to the village of Kakabeka Falls and the City of Thunder Bay, offering local businesses an excellent transportation infrastructure. The Canadian National Railway tracks also travel through the Township, and although the historical train station has been removed, there is the possibility of re-establishing a depot for a business that would require rail transportation.

Conmee is home to a wide range of skilled workers and is close enough to the education facilities in Thunder Bay to provide a good source of trained employees. Conmee also allows “home occupations” and “home industries” for people looking to set up small home offices and light manufacturing or agricultural related activities.

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