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Conmee We invite you to make this your new home


Conmee is a rural township that offers a relaxed and friendly lifestyle. Although it is located within the larger Thunder Bay District, Conmee is governed by its own municipally elected Reeve and Council who are responsible for overseeing the delivery of essential services to residents.

The municipality services a vibrant community that is renowned for its rich and varied agriculture, farming and fishing. The cost of living in Conmee is very similar to other rural communities in Northern Ontario, which are recognized as having low real estate prices and property taxes. One of the most attractive features to living in Conmee is the town’s minimum property size of five acres. This regulation ensures privacy for every resident and establishes an enviable standard of living.

The community of Kakabeka Falls, only 5 minutes away, offers additional services to Conmee residents including garages, hotels, tourist outlets, a bank and a full size grocery store. A Canada Post Outlet provides all postal services, with individual home delivery in Conmee. TbayTel and Bell Telephone provide sophisticated telecommunications and high speed internet is also available in most locations.

Despite its small size, diverse faith communities are represented in Conmee and vicinity. A Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses is located in the township and the Conmee O`Connor Baptist Church is a short five minute drive away. There is also a Catholic Church and a United Church in Kakabeka Falls, as well as several Anglican churches in surrounding townships. The First Christian Reform Church has two facilities approximately 20 minutes away. The City of Thunder Bay supports several other denominations.

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