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Ignace We invite you to make this your new home

Township of Ignace

Welcome to Ignace

“You ‘otter’ be in Ignace”

The Franco-Ontarian heritage is still visible today in Ignace, with 13% of its population identifying as French-speakers. Having this Francophone population in Ignace is a big advantage, and enables some businesses to offer their services in French, such as hotels for example.

This community also has a small French Catholic elementary school of 20 students currently. The school is essential to maintaining the French culture in Ignace and also contributes to the vitality of the French-speaking community in the surrounding area. The absence of a French association does not hinder locals from keeping their language alive and proudly raising the Franco-Ontarian flag each September 25th as a reminder of how important it is to uphold their culture and continue to contribute to the diversity of Ignace.

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