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Manitouwadge We invite you to make this your new home

Township of Manitouwadge

Tackling the subject of culture, it is worth noting that Manitouwadge is home to many French speakers. This linguistic duality enhances communal life.

Because of its vicinity with the Northeastern region and towns with a high percentage of French speakers, like Dubreuilville, Manitouwadge drew many French Canadians when the mines first opened. Today, 20% of Manitouwadge’s population claims to be able to express themselves in French fluently, and there is also Franco-Manitou Public Elementary School, which gives families the opportunity to send their children to a French School.

Many Francophones are entrepreneurs or occupy high-profile jobs in Manitouwadge. This fact greatly contributes to the active offer of French services in the region. Also noteworthy is the Adult Learning Center offering workshops in French and a whole range of French services to its clientele.

Proximity of Manitouwadge to other cities:

 Marathon 94km (58 miles)
 White River
106km (66miles)
 Thunder Bay 396km (246 miles)
 Sault Ste. Marie
414km (257 miles)
 Ottawa 1,069km (664 miles)
 Toronto 1,083km (673 miles)
 Winnipeg 1,089km (677 miles)
 Detroit 1,228km (763 miles)
 Cleveland 1,486km (923 miles)
 Minneapolis 1,541km (957 miles)

Major Private Sector Employers
 Barrick Gold
 Manroc Developments - Mining
 B&M Hauling - Forestry

Major Public Sector Employers
 Manitouwadge General Hospital
 The Superior Greenstone District School Board
 The Superior North Catholic School Board
 The Township of Manitouwadge
 The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources




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