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Red Rock We invite you to make this your new home

Township of Red Rock

Welcome to Red Rock, Ontario
A Superior Treasure

A gated community... without the gates!

In Red Rock you won’t be a stranger on a busy street. Instead, you will breathe fresh air, drink clean water and your children will be safe in a community that values its superior quality of life.
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Red Rock is a true community: a place where people live and work, raise families, and enjoy a range of lifestyle experiences. Located on the breathtaking north shore of Lake Superior; the world’s largest fresh water lake, Red Rock is a scenic waterfront town that is only minutes from the Trans-Canada Highway and less than one hour from Thunder Bay and its international airport.

The Red Rock area offers residents a wide variety of community services and amenities as well as abundant social, recreational and cultural activities for all ages. Come and see what Red Rock has to offer. You may just stay for life!

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