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Red Rock We invite you to make this your new home


Roger Harvey

Roger arrived in Red Rock from Quebec in 1944; age 17, looking for work and speaking very little English. He soon started work for 61 cents per hour. It was in Red Rock that Roger met and married his wife Madeleine and raised four sons and a daughter.

Roger and Madeleine believe that Red Rock is a “good place to raise kids, the community is safe; it’s peaceful and well-kept. We’ve had a good life here and we have no plans to leave. This is home; it’s our life and it’s still a good life. Even our grown kids with families don’t want our house to sell when we pass away.They want to be able to come back, visit and have a place to stay.”

Mike and Lynn Davio

Mike scanned and searched the internet for two years looking for a nice place to retire. In August 2008, Mike and Lynn made their decision and moved to Red Rock from Medicine Hat, Alberta.

They chose Red Rock “because of the location and because housing prices, taxes, water and sewer costs were all reasonable. It also had to be close enough to doctors, as we’re getting up there in age. There’s a hospital, doctors and a drug store in Nipigon (12 miles away) and a larger hospital in Thunder Bay (1 hour away). Red Rock is half way between our families in the East and West of Canada. People are nice here; almost everybody we’ve met is nice, friendly and helpful. The neighbours are so great.”

Lesli Moser (nee Imhoff)

Lesli’s was born at the Nipigon Hospital but moved from Red Rock in 1970 when she was just three years old. Today, Lesli is married and has two sons who are 14 and 16 years old. Their family has recently purchased a home and relocated to Red Rock.

“My husband is just about ready to retire and we started looking around for a good place to retire to last year. I had forgotten how stunning it was here in Red Rock. Northern Ontario is my favorite place. I’m in my own little slice of heaven and that’s how my husband felt as well. He had never been in this area before; he beyond likes it...he adores it here. It’s a small town, which I absolutely adore. My boys like to hunt and fish. My dad thinks it’s great that I’ve come back too. This is like a dream. I like the closeness in the community and the small schools. Everyone looks out for one another, and people take pride in their town. I don’t know; there’s just something about Red Rock.”

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