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West Rainy River We invite you to make this your new home


The West Rainy River District is a sportsman’s paradise. Spring, summer, fall and winter, fishing opportunities are available everywhere. Hunting for deer, birds or moose is a common past time. Boating up the Rainy River or paddling on a local lake is a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Living where others can only choose to vacation is spectacular.

In addition to nature based sports, the District has abundant arts and cultural attractions, events and festivals. One of the District’s attractions is Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung (the Place of the Long Rapids) - an ancient site of natural beauty and spiritual significance. As an important historical site for the First Nations people, including a traditional burial ground, it became a central trading site in the development of the region. The Visitors Centre offers galleries, a gift shop and a restaurant, acting as a gateway to the experiences that are available.

The towns of Rainy River, Emo, Barwick also have museums that explain the history of the District. Bird Watching is also a fast growing hobby and areas offer world class varieties of birds.  Alberton has recently opened a Bog Walk and exploration trail. Of course with the winter’s snow brings opportunities to ski and snowmobile, trails are in place across the region.

Just some of the District’s events and festivals include:

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