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Business Owner

How to Set Up a Business
Starting your own business or buying an existing business is a big decision and especially in a new country. What you need is a great idea, a desire to do it and a plan to make it happen. This section will provide information about how to set up your own business.

Business Supports
The municipal Economic Development departments and local Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDC’s) work in collaboration in communities across Northwestern Ontario to help entrepreneurs and new and existing businesses to maintain a positive environment for economic success.

NWO Business Organizations
There are a wide variety of business organizations and associations operating in Northwestern Ontario that offer advisory services to entrepreneurs and new businesses as well as networking, advocacy and other skills development opportunities.

Funding Resources
Grants, loans and equity funding may be available to you in Northwestern Ontario, regardless of whether you want to start up or expand a business, invest in Research & Development or build international trade, or if you’re in a rural area.

Investment Opportunities in NWO
Northwestern Ontario is one of Canada’s most dynamic and resource rich industrial centres. Our regional municipalities welcome and encourage business investment from elsewhere in Canada and around the world.

Learning English
Learning English is one of the best things you can do to improve your lifestyle and employment prospects. A good knowledge of the English language will help you to communicate better and integrate into your local community.

Employment Standards in Canada
Workers in Canada are protected by both federal and provincial regulations. Federal regulations establish national employment standards and provincial regulations affect employees within their jurisdictions.  These regulations encompass aspects like minimum wage, health and safety guidelines, hours of work and holiday time.

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