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Living In Northwestern Ontario

What are the main benefits of living in Northwestern Ontario? In a nutshell, it’s our superior quality of life. 

From the natural beauty of Lake Superior; the world’s largest freshwater lake, to the modern City of Thunder Bay; voted the most affordable urban centre to live in the world, Northwestern Ontario offers diverse lifestyle choices.

Northwestern Ontario is less populated than any other region in Ontario. It is mostly rural with 235,000 residents living across a large geographic area.   Boreal forests, rivers and lakes run through the region, and there are many wilderness parks and conservation areas between our cities and towns.

The City of Thunder Bay is the largest city with over 50% of the region’s residents choosing to live and work in the Thunder Bay metropolitan area.  As a city, it offers all the advantages of urban life yet in a rural setting, living up to its motto: Superior By Nature

Northwestern Ontario may be predominantly rural in character but there is certainly no shortage of activity around the region. Residents enjoy year-round access to all the facilities and services they need.  Affordable housing and transportation, excellent municipal services, world-class health and social care, great shopping and a range of entertainment and leisure options, all add to the safe and clean environment to create a quality of life that is second to none.

People from many countries, cultures and religions call Northwestern Ontario home. It is a welcoming, friendly region – the perfect place to live well and raise a family.

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