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Welcome to the Ask an International Student forum. 

This web-based forum is for prospective students, successful applicants and newly arrived International Students to contact and connect with current International Students in Northwestern Ontario. 

If you want information, advice or help from other International Students, we encourage you to submit your questions here.  This is where you can ask your questions about issues like getting a student visa, choosing the right program, finding a place to live and general student life in Northwestern Ontario. 

The Ask an International Student forum is a welcoming place for International Students to connect, make new friends and share experiences with other fellow students. 

Join the Conversation. Ask Questions. Get Answers. Share Experiences.

Ask A Student

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3/23/2017 6:36:29 AM
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I am planning to persue culinary management course here... I wanted to know about the job opportunities after graduation..

2/22/2017 3:05:33 PM
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Yes, got it.. Thank you for your info..


2/22/2017 2:55:40 PM
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Depends on which courses you're currently taking. For Human Resources they helped us by providing a list of employers that would hire placement students, or you also have the option to find your own placement (but it has to be suitable to the program you're taking). 

Some programs they might not provide you a list of hiring employers for placement position, therefore you might have to find your own placement on your own. 

Does this help?

2/22/2017 11:34:13 AM
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Hi everyone, 

I am planning to take a program with Work placement in Confederation college. Whether college will help us for getting work placeent or do we need to search on our own?

Thnaks in advance!!!


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