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Faculty of Law

Lakehead University's Faculty of Law is an exceptional education experience in Northern Ontario. With a distinguished curriculum that brings together theory and practice, it is attractive to domestic as well as recently landed students. The law school has a vision to prepare students to serve its surrounding communities, by providing a the three-year JD program that has a focus on local topics such as Aboriginal law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, and the essentials of small firm and solo practice. The school is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, found within the historic Port Arthur Collegiate Institute, which overlooks Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant. On a professional and personal level opportunities are abound, with a nurturing and supportive community. The building itself has overcome an amazing transition from a high school to a professional law faculty. Classrooms are state of the art modernized with updated technology yet keeping the historic integrity of the space. You will find a supportive learning environment as the building encompasses a massive auditorium and lecture theatre, a spectacular library that boasts an extensive collection, and six small seminar rooms that create a very intimate and interactive learning experience for students. At the school, working closely with students is key to effective mentorship. Small class sizes at the Lakehead campus enable professors to work with students one-on-one, to prepare graduates for practice of law in any setting, and help them realize their full potential. Small class sizes also encourage close friendships with fellow students. Another advantage for students at Lakehead's Faculty of Law is the shortage of lawyers in Northern Ontario.

Faced with a major gap, fresh-faced graduates have immense opportunity of finding employment following graduation. “When our students graduate from Lakehead University's Faculty of Law they will be practice- ready to be anywhere; in a small town in Canada or an Urban Centre. Practice essentials will set them apart from all other graduates.” - Maria Dufresne, Manager, Faculty of Law.

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